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Easily create shared albums for interests, events, trips, and more.

About 1.5 trillion pictures will be taken this year. Only a fraction of those pictures will be shared, with social media receiving the perfected images and within the limits of friends, family, and followers. But what about the majority of pictures and videos that make up the story of a wedding, birthday, trip, sporting event, convention, or corporate gathering? What about all that content created by people we don’t know? Those pictures and videos will never be shared with anyone else, existing only in the phone of the photographer. PixoDope solves that problem by giving everyone a way to easily request and share content without the boundaries of mobile platforms, social connections, contact information, and storage limits.

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Our Story

After attending a corporate event, Ruben and Mayank looked at the pictures they had taken and realized they didn’t have the desired shots. In order to get those photos, Ruben and Mayank had to ask certain individuals via email and text which resulted in receiving limited content from only those people Ruben and Mayank knew. The content “net” was small and not cast very far. They knew there had to be an easier way where anyone could receive pictures and videos from everyone taking a content-first (not people-first) approach. PixoDope was born…

Whether it’s your 25th birthday, a wedding, the annual family reunion, a company picnic, or any other event where people will be taking pictures and videos, PixoDope will help you receive and share content without worrying about contact details, social connections, and mobile platforms.

What makes us unique?
  • Share pictures and videos with everyone
  • Create unlimited albums around any event, topic, or interest
  • Request content from others via any channel
  • Apple and Android platforms supported
  • Share a public album with only a QR Code
  • Download full HD content
  • Setup private albums with limited access

Simple crowdsourced picture and video albums

Install the PixoDope app

PixoDope is available on PlayStore and AppStore.

Create and Upload

Create a new shared album and upload pictures.

Invite and Share

Share the album via QR code, SMS/text message, or social sites.

Notification Bell

Get notified when others upload pictures and videos to the album.

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